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Recognizing Music with TrackID™

Use the TrackID™ music recognition service to identify a song you hear playing in your

surroundings. Just record a short sample of the song and you’ll get artist, title, and

album info within seconds. You can purchase tracks identified by TrackID™ and you can

view TrackID charts to see what TrackID users around the globe are searching for. For

best results, use TrackID™ in a quiet area.


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Search for tracks, albums, and artists


Create an online TrackID™ profile


View current music charts


View TrackID™ options


View the history of your previous searches


Check out what others are tracking


Identify the music you’re listening to

The TrackID™ application and some features of the TrackID™ service may not be supported in

all countries or regions or by all networks or service providers. TrackID™ can be connected to

music streaming services available in your country.

To Identify Music Using TrackID™ Technology


From your Homescreen, tap .


Find and tap

TrackID™, then hold your device close to the music source.


Tap . If the song is recognized by the TrackID™ service, the results appear on

the screen.

To return to the

TrackID™ start screen, tap .

To View Artist Information for a Song


After a song is recognized by the

TrackID™ application, the result is displayed on

the TrackID™ homescreen.


Scroll to the result you want to view and then tap to open it.

To Delete a Song from the Track History


Open the

TrackID™ application, then browse to the song that you want to delete.


Touch and hold the screen to make appear.


Tap .

To Use TrackID™ LIVE

You can use TrackID™ LIVE to see real-time LIVE trackings from around the world. There

are two ways to start TrackID™ LIVE:

Tap the map on the TrackID™ homescreen.

Or press , then tap TrackID™ LIVE.

You can change how fast you want to get the trackings and you can mute or unmute the song



This is an Internet version of this publication. © Print only for private use.