Sony Xperia M5 - Phonepad

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The Phonepad is similar to a standard 12-key telephone keypad. It gives you predictive

text and multi-tap input options. You can activate the Phonepad text input method via

the keyboard settings. The Phonepad is only available in portrait orientation.

1 Choose a text input option. You can tap each character once and use word suggestions, or keep tapping

the key until the desired character is selected.

2 Delete a character before the cursor.

3 Enter a carriage return or confirm text input.

4 Enter a space.

5 Display symbols and smileys.

6 Display numbers.

7 Change the character case and turn on the caps lock.

To open the Phonepad for the first time


Tap a text entry field, then tap .


Tap , then tap

Keyboard settings.



Portrait keyboard, then select the Phonepad option.


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To Enter Text using the Phonepad

When appears in the Phonepad, tap each character key only once, even if the

letter you want is not the first letter on the key. Tap and hold the candidates row to

view more word suggestions and select a word from the list.

When appears in the Phonepad, tap the on-screen key for the character you

want to enter. Keep tapping this button until the desired character is selected.

Then do the same for the next character you want to enter, and so on.

To enter numbers using the Phonepad

When the Phonepad is displayed, tap . A Phonepad with numbers appears.

To insert symbols and smileys using the Phonepad


When the Phonepad is displayed, tap

. A grid with symbols and smileys



Scroll up or down to view more options. Tap a symbol or smiley to select it.