Sony Xperia M5 - PlayStation™‎ Video Service

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PlayStation™ Video Service

Use the PlayStation™ Video service to buy and rent movies or TV shows that you can
view not only on your Android™ device, but also on a PC, PlayStation


Portable (PSP





3, PlayStation


4, or PlayStation


Vita. Choose from the latest Hollywood

releases, action movies, comedies, classics, and a range of other categories.
You need to create a Sony Entertainment Network account if you want to buy or rent

movies through the PlayStation™ Video service. If you already have a PlayStation®

network account, then you can use that account instead.

If you are using a device with multiple users, you must log in as the owner, that is, the primary

user, to use the PS Video service.

Sony Entertainment Network with PlayStation™ Video is not available in every market.

Additional terms and conditions apply.

To Get Started with PlayStation™ Video


From your Homescreen, tap .


Find and tap , and then follow the on-screen instructions to get started with

PlayStation™ Video.


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